GDPR Ready

A lead capture solution
for all your events

Akkroo provides everything you need
to maximize your return on exhibiting.

Manage events
from the cloud-based dashboard

Our cloud-based dashboard is flexible, powerful and easy-to-use. Create and manage event lead capture forms, direct your team and control your data, all through one interface.

Build, customize & brand your event lead capture forms

Build and customize beautiful, branded lead capture forms with our intuitive form builder. From quick and simple to complex, logic-driven forms, allowing you to capture the exact information you need.

Coordinate devices & team activity

You control who has access to events, forms, team management and all other features through the centralised Akkroo dashboard.

Works beautifully on smartphones & tablets

The Akkroo app is available as a native iOS application for Apple devices and via our web-application for Android.

Keep capturing leads, even when the internet lets you down

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Akkroo lets you input and access data even when you’re offline.

Scan business cards on the spot
with accurate transcription

Our smart, two-stage transcription process combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with human validation to ensure transcripts are accurate. Send us a scan any time, day or night, and we’ll deliver results in a matter of hours.

Quickly scan attendee badges

Integrating Akkroo with exhibition-owned lead retrieval systems provides the speed of a badge scan with the features of Akkroo and ensures all of your lead data is collected in the same place.

Pre-load & manage lists of event attendees

Already have access to the event attendee list? You can upload this data directly into Akkroo and use the app to ‘check-in’ attendees as they arrive or visit your booth.

Send out automatic,
personalised follow-ups

Did you know the average follow-up time after an event is well over a week? Keep your leads warm with automated, personalised follow-up emails.

Lead scoring, Marketing Automation & CRM

Integrate Akkroo with popular marketing automation and CRM systems, such as Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce, and ensure all of your leads are stored in the right place with the right information. Find out more.

Download your data
the way you want it

Not ready for a real-time integration? Then take advantage of our Custom Export feature and download your leads how you want them, in customised Excel or CSV files you can order and design yourself.

Report & review your event lead capture performance

Keen to understand which of your sales reps generated the most leads at an event? Or which leads have opened your follow-up emails? Akkroo’s reporting tool provides insight into the entire lead generation process, from capture to conversion.

  • Successful adoption, support & training

    We are experts in delivering a successful team-wide implementation of our software. Our dedicated Customer Success team is on hand to assist you every step of the way.

    Find out more.
  • Data protection, privacy, GDPR & security

    Handling event lead capture data is our primary business, so we take personal data protection, privacy and security very seriously. Our product helps you to meet the 2018 changes in EU data capture law & GDPR regulations.

    Find out more.

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