GDPR Ready

Data Protection, Privacy & Security

Helping you capture & process data is our primary business. As a consequence, we take personal data protection, privacy and security very seriously.

Helping you meet data protection & privacy commitments

All our customers benefit from our continual investment in a progressive security and data protection program, something we have proactively engaged in ever since we first established Akkroo. Our aim is to consistently deliver beyond the needs and expectations of the businesses we work with.

Helping you to comply with the 2018 GDPR changes

For European customers, with the EU GDPR regulations coming into force in 2018, it is critical that businesses are prepared and ready for the changes to the legal requirements that affect how leads are captured at events inside the European Union. Our solution is GDPR-ready, and already helping businesses meet the new commitments in advance of the changes.

  • Compliance Tools

    Compliance Tools

  • GDPR Ready Product

    GDPR Ready Product

  • Progressive Security

    Progressive Security Program

  • Built-in Privacy Features

    Built-in Privacy Features

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