Akkroo is a customisable offline data capture application for events

First, create your data capture forms. Then capture the information you need at your events, before syncing this data to the people who really need it.

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1. Create

Create forms

Our easy-to-use form builder quickly creates great-looking forms, and is powerful enough to bring you all the flexibility you need.

Create bespoke forms for each event on your calendar or for every client in your agency’s roster.

Create beautiful guest lists on an iPad.

Use logic to shorten completion time

No one wants to spend any longer than necessary completing a form. But you have to capture enough information to build out your CRM or close a lead post-event.

Our forms include intelligent logic to solve this conundrum.

Stay On Brand

Our clients love Akkroo’s customizability. When you spend thousands on your event presence with everything on-brand, a generic-looking app won’t do.

Every form can be custom branded with either a full-screen image or in-form branding. That means every client can have their own branded form in a single app, or every team can have localised branding relevant to their location.

See how our clients have branded their forms

Custom designed branding for iPad data capture.
Create beautiful guest lists on an iPad.

Run your guest list

Hosting a VIP event? Arranging a conference? Power your guest list with Akkroo and ditch the clipboard and scrappy paper lists.

Greet your attendees in style, quickly check them in (and capture the details of any new guests) for a smooth, efficient registration process. Akkroo can also pre-register your guests using web-forms (either through your own website or we can host it for you).

2. Collect

iPad, tablet & mobile

You’re looking to capture data, customer info, new leads or check-in your guests at an event. Akkroo enables you to do all of this from iPads, tablets and mobile devices in style.

Whether hand-held or in kiosk mode, Akkroo’s forms are responsive and optimised for the perfect user experience.

Handheld tablet, kiosk and mobile forms.

Handheld tablet, kiosk and mobile forms

Most clients use Akkroo to capture data on Android tablets or iPads. Our apps are used in handheld-mode, when out-and-about in a crowd capturing data, or in kiosk-mode allowing event attendees to self-serve.

Your team can also download your lead capture app onto their own phones, so they can capture leads wherever they are (read: at the bar), while still taking advantage of the CRM/tool integrations you’ve set up.

Akkroo works offline

You know wifi and data connections can be sketchy when you’re out-and-about.

So we built the Akkroo data capture and guest list app to work offline. As soon as you reconnect to the web, we’ll sync your data to our servers where you can access it later.

Akkroo works on 3G, 4G, Wi-fi and even offline.
Scan and accurately transcribe business cards at events using Akkroo.

Scan a business card, we take care of the rest

Time to ditch the fish bowl and put an end to pockets full of business cards with notes scribbled on.

Utilising the iPad camera, quickly snap an image of your lead’s business card alongside your lead capture form.

Our innovative system will then quickly and accurately transcribe the cards back at the Akkroo dashboard, ready for prompt post-event follow-up.

More than just a plain data capture form

Use Akkroo to collect feedback from your event attendees, gather electronic signatures on release forms or annotate images.

You can even capture data in multiple languages, from Russian to Romanian, Chinese to Croatian, or Hindi to Hebrew.

Contact us if you have any other use cases in-mind. Believe us, we’ve seen Akkroo used in many weird and wonderful ways!

Akkroo is used globally and can be deployed in any number of locations at once.

Perfect for teams

From an individual on a stand at one annual event to multiple teams at different events using many devices in many languages simultaneously.

Manage Akkroo from one location to coordinate your in-the-field data capture efforts. Or, devolve responsibility to your distributed teams – controlling access as required.

3. Take Action

Fire out emails instantly to people from whom you collect contact details.

Send auto-response emails

Send branded, personalised emails to respondents the second they complete your forms and ensure your message has reached their inbox in record time. No more delays in following up with your new customers, prospects and leads.

Each email can be tailored based on information captured within the form, so those interested in product ABC won’t be receiving a brochure for product XYZ.

  • Eloqua
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • Silverpop

Integrate with your existing tools

Through our range of pre-built integrations, you can sync data collected using Akkroo with your existing CRM, marketing automation tool or email marketing software.

Whether you’re looking for simple field-mapping from tool-to-tool, or an advanced integration with custom objects and ongoing support, our integrations team can help. We also have a fully documented REST API and webhooks service you can also choose build your own bespoke connections.

Measure your ROI

View, analyse and report on your collected data from the Akkroo dashboard. Add comments and a rating to individual records and compare different forms and events side-by-side to help measure the success of your events.

Key features:

  • Powerful centralised app-control dashboard

    Quarterback dashboard

    Control all apps from one central location.

  • Capture data with or without an internet connection

    Work offline

    No internet access required for any app.

  • A flexible and responsive, multiplatform app

    For tablet & mobile

    Run the Akkroo app in kiosk-mode, hand-held mode or on a mobile device.

  • Restrict access for specific users and clients

    Access levels

    Highly configurable user-level access settings.

  • Store and access your data securely

    Security built-in

    We maintain rigorous security standards and all data transfer is encrypted.

  • Take photos and scan business cards with your mobile or tablet device

    Camera features

    Use the device’s camera to take photos & distribute them.

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