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Akkroo in Pharmaceutical

Akkroo has been adopted by pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device businesses all over the world, providing them with a powerful solution to streamline the event lead capture process.

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At Akkroo, we strive to reduce the gap between a lead becoming a client. We do this by enabling businesses to collect event leads effectively, securely and allow them to act on the information immediately. That’s why we work with organisations from across the world in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry.

Events play a key role in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. From small congresses and local conferences to huge global trade shows, events are a crucial factor in generating leads for these businesses.

Akkroo form on an iPad

For most businesses, the process of planning, collecting and taking action with leads at events will look something like:

  • Marketing or Events team book the event and organize logistics
  • Sales Reps attend the event to network and gather leads
  • Lead capture will normally consist of all or some of the following:
    • Collecting business cards, the classic goldfish bowl approach
    • Using paper lead forms
    • Or, for bigger events, scanning badges using lead retrieval devices
  • Post event, the stack of business cards, folder of paper forms or generic spreadsheet of badge scans will then eventually (if at all), make it’s way back to the Marketing / Events team
  • They then begin the arduous, manual task of inputting these leads into the CRM or Marketing Automation system before the post-event follow up can take place. This can often take days or even weeks. If it happens at all!
Go paperless with Akkroo

Akkroo has been transforming the lead capture processes for pharma, biotech and medical device firms for a number of years.

Built specifically for use at scale, Akkroo provides Events & Marketing teams with a powerful, centralised and universal solution that can be deployed across teams in the field for use at all events, big or small.

A typical use-case by a pharmaceutical customer using Akkroo...

  1. 1 Use Akkroo internationally, manage Akkroo centrally

    1Akkroo is managed centrally at Head Office by the Marketing & Events (or CRM) team

  2. 2 Customizable app and web forms

    2Events and lead capture forms are created and customised via the Akkroo dashboard, and then deployed out to the Akkroo app

  3. 3 Akkroo works across all platforms

    3The Akkroo app is installed on the mobile and tablet devices used by the teams in the field

  4. 4 In-app sales and marketing resources

    4Leads are collected via the Akkroo app, online or offline, at the event itself

    The focus is on collecting quality leads with key qualifying information gathered as part of the process

  5. 5 Business card scanning and badge capture in-app

    5Business cards or badges can be scanned within Akkroo alongside the qualifying information, and these will then be transcribed automatically

  6. 6 Powerful centralised app-control dashboard

    6Sales and marketing literature can be displayed within the Akkroo app too, helping fuel the sales conversation

  7. 7 Powerful centralised app-control dashboard

    7A personalised, automated email can be delivered instantly to leads to begin the post-event conversation

  8. 8 Powerful centralised app-control dashboard

    8Leads can automatically be pushed into CRM or Marketing Automation systems - from Salesforce to Marketo - ensuring they are ready to be worked by the relevant team(s) post-event in a timely manner

  9. 9 Capture data with or without an internet connection

    9Marketing & Events teams are then empowered with the ability to accurately measure the success of events and ROI, whilst Sales teams are equipped with quality, qualified leads to quickly work on post-event

Who is using Akkroo?

“Akkroo has meant 99% accurate lead collection at every event, big or small, and put all of our leads in one place, ready for prompt post-event action.”

Hilary Latham, Head of Marketing Services, Promega UK '.Read the full case study.'

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