Case Study

How Condé Nast changed the face of their magazine subscription signup at events

Exhibiting at the Vogue Festival, a key event in the global fashion industry calendar, the subscriptions team at Condé Nast had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of prospects between sessions - conversations potentially bringing in hundreds of new magazine subscriptions.

Their method of acquiring new subscribers previously was by using paper forms, which was understandably a source of frustration - they were slow and got in the way of engaging new customers effectively at events. They sought a better solution, and they turned to Akkroo to address the key problems of collecting customer details faster, and driving new subscription sales.

Akkroo has allowed us to raise our game. The app makes it easier to sell to our customers. We can do it faster. There is no wasted time.

— Patrick Foilleret, Subscriptions Director, Condé Nast

Condé Nast is a premier media company that is world renowned for producing the highest quality content for the most influential audiences. Attracting 131 million consumers across its industry-leading print, digital and video brands, the company’s portfolio includes some of the most iconic titles in media: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, GQ, Wired and many more.

Staff 235
Locations 12
Number of events per year 30
  • 1 hour saved per 25 forms completed

    With multiple events every month of the year, they save hours and hours. In fact, they save weeks!

  • Akkroo are meticulous, handling you and your customers data safely and securely.

    100% of leads captured securely

    Akkroo ensures that data is secure at all times from the moment the customer presses submit.

  • 400% growth in sales since using Akkroo

    Quicker and easier data capture has meant a significant increase in subscription sales.

The Problem

Traditional methods of data capture limited their ability to make more sales

  • Slow and unreliable paper forms

    “I had a situation where I needed to sell subscriptions quickly between sessions at an event, my team had 15-minute windows to sell to over one hundred people at a time. The paper forms just weren’t quick enough”

    Patrick Foilleret
    Subscriptions Director, Condé Nast

  • Inaccurate or missing data

    “At busy events, we found that forms weren’t always filled out correctly, and sometimes information was missing altogether!”

    This resulted in a lengthy process of trying to find out information, delayed subscriptions and sometimes losing sales. Patrick required a solution that would allow his team to dramatically cut down the time it took to collect customer details, whilst gathering all required information.

The Solution

Condé Nast using Akkroo

The Solution was Akkroo

After careful consideration and research, Patrick decided to trial Akkroo. “From the first demo of the dashboard and app, I could see how Akkroo could help us,” says Patrick. “the forms were clear and well laid out. We could collect exactly what we needed”.

He also tried out the app at a smaller event and discovered some unexpected benefits too. “We found that everyone was happy to use the iPad, no matter their age. We didn’t need to handhold them. They were happy to do it themselves”.

Condé Nast speeds up their subscription sales and sells to more people when using Akkroo

Average time in minutes saved per form

Akkroo enables Patrick and his team to get the most out of any event they attend. “Akkroo has allowed us to raise our game. The app makes it easier to sell to our customers. We can do it faster. There is no wasted time,” says Patrick. “every event has been a success and we’ve exceeded our target every time too”.

He has seen a huge increase in sales - by as much as 400% year-on-year - as well as countless hours saved in administration and follow-ups thanks to being able to export information easily and set up automatic thank you emails direct from the dashboard.

Up to 400% year on year increase in sales

“Akkroo has allowed us to raise our game. The app makes it easier to sell to our customers. We can do it faster. There is no wasted time.”

— Patrick Foilleret, Subscriptions Director, Condé Nast

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