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A Transition Guide for Akkroo Legacy App Users

The Akkroo Legacy App is being retired on the 23rd November! If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to switch over to our newer Akkroo app — it has a blue icon and is now available on both iOS and Android devices. Here’s your guide to transitioning!

These updates are just the beginning of a new era for Akkroo, providing us with the best possible platform to meet the future challenges around event lead capture and automation head on! It’s another huge milestone in our plan for 2018, and we’re looking forward to delivering even more exciting upgrades in the coming weeks and months.

Akkroo App updates timeline

Akkroo App updates timeline

Summary of updates:

These important changes will affect you so please read carefully.

  1. Legacy app shutdown — we’re shutting down the Legacy app on November 23rd, please ensure you have our newer app installed
  2. New app user management & login features — all app users will now need to be assigned their own individual app login usernames and passcodes
  3. Some features are going away for a while… — we're removing a very small number of non-critical features as part of the transition
  4. Further assistance

1. As of 23rd November, the Akkroo Legacy app on iOS devices will be retired and no longer functional

To continue using Akkroo, please ensure you have installed the newer app (with the blue icon) from the iOS App Store.

Note: this is not a standard updated version of the Akkroo Legacy app, but a completely separate release. (For technical reasons that we won’t bore you with now!)

All customers have been required to complete a transition period from the old Akkroo Legacy app to newer one. This means:

  • For a short period of time, the legacy version has remained functional, before it’s formally shut-down on the 23rd November (once all customers have completed the transition).
  • There are currently 2 versions of the Akkroo app available via the App Store.

To get your team up and running with the newer Akkroo app, please follow the instructions below.

2. App User Management & Login Process

When we launched Akkroo way back in 2013, our mobile app operated with a shared company-level username and passcode. This approach served a purpose, but we’ve now made a number of improvements to the way app users are managed and access the app.

The old-style login (shared company username and passcode) has now been removed and replaced by individual app usernames and unique passcodes for each app user.


  • With the release of our new iOS and Android apps, you now have the ability to use Akkroo across all devices within the business
  • Each app user will now be assigned their own unique username and passcode
  • This will increase security, management and communication with app users
  • The issue of a single app user locking out the entire company due to multiple incorrect passcode entries has been removed, preventing any frustrating disruption to the service
  • Enhanced lead accountability - you’ll now have a clearer picture of individual app user’s activity
  • Improved app adoption by enabling Akkroo to communicate with your app users on a 1-2-1 basis - we can help distribute app user guides, best practice and answer any direct questions from app users at events

For Dashboard Account Owners


To set up your team's App users, log in to the Akkroo dashboard and visit the App Users section from the Team page.

  • How to edit and update existing app users

    1. Click on the existing App User to add email addresses & a passcode to create their individual log in credentials.
    2. Hit the ‘Save and Notify’ button.
    3. The App User will shortly receive an email with instructions on reinstalling the new Akkroo app and how to use their new credentials to log in.
  • How to create new App Users

    1. Click on the ‘Create New App User’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to add new App Users

For App Users


If you have used the Akkroo app before, make sure you have uninstalled any prior versions (you should sync all your records first) before using the new app.

  • How to install the app on iOS devices

    1. Search the App Store for "Akkroo"
    2. Select the new Akkroo app with the bright blue icon
  • How to install the app on Android devices

    1. Search for and install the new app from the Play Store

Login credentials

In order to access the new Akkroo app, you will need to use your new login details; these will be emailed out to your team by your internal Akkroo manager.

These will consist of an individual username and a unique 5 digit passcode and will be emailed to you. They will look like this:

Please make a note of these, as your old login details will no longer work.

3. Feature sunsetting & retirement

As part of the new releases, we’ve taken the decision to ‘sunset’ a couple of features and retire our web-app from service. The two features that are removed from the Akkroo Legacy app are:

Both of these features were quickly spun up some time ago to validate the requirement and monitor customer usage. We know that customers do get a lot of value from being able to display PDFs within the Akkroo app, and collect e-signatures within their forms. However, both features were not built for scale and are lacking a number of aspects that prevent customers from maximising their potential.

So, we’ve decided to remove them while we research and plan out replacements for these two features with long-term solutions. Read more about these changes here.

4. Further assistance

The Akkroo Customer Success team are on hand throughout the transition process to guide you through these exciting updates! Please feel free to get in touch at any point if you have any questions or require assistance during the transition.